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Content Planning Strategy

We know that content is necessary, but what strategy do you use for content planning strategy? You could post random things that seem interesting regardless of the source and the time of the week. This wouldn’t be wrong, but it is not necessarily an efficient use of resources. As I mentioned in the Targeting: Why It’s Important, not targeting is equivalent to communicating without thinking about appealing to your target audience. Targeting is just as important in effective content planning strategy.

Steps in Content Planning Strategy

How do you effectively do content planning strategy? First you need to decide whom you are communicating to, where you are communicating to them, and what topics are of interest to them. This is relevant because different target audiences are more active on specific channels. Target audiences are also active at different times of the day and the week. Knowing these times and channels is essential to being seen by your target audience. There is so much content on social media and in emails that if you are not getting in front of them at the right time your content is going to be missed.

Themes and Topics

Content posted should have themes or overarching topics. These topics should be relevant to your brand’s specialties and establish your brand as an expert in the field. If these topics have sub-topics you will have a silo of topics that you can relate to each other and build off each other. Consistency is the most important part of your posted content. That consistency could come from the themes and topics you address or if could be consistent by the topic addressed on each day.

Planning Software

Once you have answered the first questions, you need to use task or data management software. Overarching topics and themes content is generated at this stage. For example, if you are a travel nomad documenting your experiences, the overarching topic could be “my Portugal experience”.  The subtopics could include “can’t miss places to visit in Lisbon” and “best authentic restaurants in Lisbon”. Next you would schedule post dates, distribution channels, and assets that would be required in your planning software. All this information needs to be organized.  My preferred software is Asana. This would help you plan strategic content and prepare ahead of each posting date.

Content planning strategy can have various degrees of complexity, but deciding the what, where, and who of your content strategy is key. Strategy planning at all stages of your brand development and marketing is a can’t miss ingredient for a success organization.

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