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Systems Administration: How A Virtual Assistant Can Help

What Is Systems Administration?

Systems administration can be a complex time-consuming task. This is especially true when there is a lot of information to organize or staff to share access with. The most time-consuming parts of systems administration include: 

  • evaluating the available tools, selecting the system that meets your current and projected future needs,
  • setting up and learning the system, setting up staff access,
  • performing regular maintenance and ensuring that best practices are being followed,
  • providing technical support when there are problems. 

Systems that can require these tasks include:

  • collaboration platforms (eg Google Workspace, Microsoft 365),
  • password sharing platforms (eg One Login, LastPass), and
  • HR information systems (eg Rippling).

An organization with many systems, more than a couple of team members, and remote team members probably requires a more considerable time investment in systems administration. Systems administration requires the focus of one person, who has the time to resolve systems issues fully in a time-effective way.  On a small team, it is probably part of a team member’s responsibilities due to their having IT skills. However, it’s not always the best use of their time.

How A Virtual Assistant Can Help

A virtual assistant can assist with systems administration in the following way:

  • Gather information on the problems and pain points, the required and nice to have features, user information, and budget information provided by the organization to find the top systems that would help solve the organization’s pain points.
  • Implement and set up the new system for the organization
  • Document frequently used processes within the new system
  • Give staff members access to the system and teach them how to use the tools
  • Provide technical support when required

In a small company hiring non-revenue generating staff is not always an option. Systems administrator are an example of that type of staff and act as internal team support. If systems administration isn’t a full-time job for your organization, it is probably delegated to someone who would be better focused on revenue generation. Perhaps you need to look into hiring a virtual assistant, in order to focus on revenue generation.

Need More Information?

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